Wellbeing Champion- Andy Heyes

Why I like cricket?

1- How did you get introduced to cricket?

A long time ago, I can't remember not playing cricket which is a bit of a scary thought. I joined my local club when I was 8 and have a been member for 41 years. I was fortunate to be able to play cricket at school which helped my development and skills

2- What motivates you to continue playing cricket?

I think there's two things. First of all, I love competition. And even though I'm from C9.- I don’t know what C9 is?

The fact is that you can be competitive at something. Is great, I used to play football when I was younger and I've seen my body can't quite cope with the demands of football, but I am able to play cricket still which is great. I also love it because I'm playing with my friends.

I enjoy the social aspect but it is also amazing to be away from your phone for six hours.  I like the fact that the game takes the whole afternoon so I can switch off, I also enjoy being outside in the fresh air. We are fortunate to go to different parts of Essex and seeing different grounds and the Essex countryside.

3- What is your family’s opinion, have they ever participated?

Yeah, I can actually remember playing in the cricket team with my dad. And I’ve played in the same team as my son. And you know that's what's lovely the people that I play with now I played with their parents, I know their parents and now we see our children playing and loving the game

4- Did you encourage your son to take up cricket or was that of his own accord?

Yeah, he actually enjoys cricket. He like playing with his mates, it’s so good to get him off his Xbox and it helps him develop his personal and social skills .

5- Do you follow a diet to support you playing cricket?

When I was younger and I was playing a good level football day and I was  concerned about nutrition and I don't think that you actually changes throughout the years.

I think it would bring a smile to everyone's face as they know I go through fads and phases with diet and training, and just like anybody else, sometimes I'm right on it. Sometimes I'm not.

6- How do you think playing a team sport impacts your wellbeing?

Yeah, it's a massive impact, everybody needs a bit of time to themselves in the week first and foremost.

I think playing a competitive sport and we play in the league and we were actually second in the league at the moment. It makes you feel good if you win and it's something that I look forward to as well. I look forward to playing, after a hard week at work on a Friday I start thinking about the game and it something I look forward to.

7- Do you notice a difference in yourself if you haven’t played in a while?

Like all sports and work the more you practice the better you become, I miss it when I don’t play. Although  as I have got older other things in life are just as important such as spending time with my family. So getting the balance right between playing and doing other things is important to me now .

8- What has been your proudest moment in cricket – big or small?

Oh well, when I was younger I played in a representative game against the North of England for the South of England schools and scored a half century.

Five scored a few hundreds in my time, which is always a good achievement, but I would love to win the league this year with my team.

9- What advice would you give to someone wanting to start cricket?

Google Cricket clubs near me.

All clubs are looking for new players and I am sure you will get a warm welcome. Find out when they have practice sessions at the start of the season and go down and join in. Cricket clubs are incredibly social and friendly and after a while everyone will know you.

10- As an MD does cricket enrich your team building skills?

Yeah, absolutely. I think it has helped, I mean the amount of people I've been fortunate to meet through cricket, and I've actually been given quite a lot of business from the people I have met from the relationships that I built around the Cricket Club and Sports Club.

Being such a social sport it certainly helps your relationship building and networking skills, which we know is such a valuable part of our job.