Wellbeing Champion - Jordan Ingamells

When I am dancing, I am happy!

Jordan Ingamells is our HR Administrator she graduated from the University of Worcester this summer gaining a first class honours degree in BSc Business Psychology. She is based in our Birmingham office and will talk us through her love of dancing.

1-     How did you get introduced to dancing?

I did it from a very young age and then I carried it on throughout my childhood; I have danced in New York and Disney Land Paris. Then when I went to university I joined the universities’ dance society. I joined the committee to help run the society, however now I have graduated I will continue to dance with my old dance club.

2-     what type of dance do you do? Can you explain to us?

I do ballet and jazz. I have gained many awards in ballet and have competed in jazz. For me, jazz is not like the old-school jazz but is more commercial based.

3-     Why do you continue dancing?

Definitely for my fitness for one, because when I'm not dancing, I can definitely feel it in my body. But also for my wellbeing and mental health because when you go dancing you don't think about anything else other than it.

4-     Do you come from a sporty family?

I grew up doing swimming and swam for Worcestershire County. So I guess I've always done sport but neither of my parents are sporty, although my mother is a qualified personal trainer.

5-     Do you notice a difference in yourself when you don't dance it for a long time or so?

When you dance or you do whatever sport you do for so for like an hour, I think you come out tired but feel so much better about it from the endorphins. Recently, I have been going on a run before work and a walk in my lunch hour but it’s no comparison. I'm happiest when I'm dancing.

6-     Have you tried any other forms of exercise?

I've also done karate to a black belt standard, but gave that up when I was young. I then moved onto swimming whereby I competed at a high standard.

7-     Is there anything you don't like about dance, and if so, how do you like motivate yourself to push through that?

When we were approaching big performances, we had to do a lot of more fitness to build our stamina and balance, so I guess the more ‘gym’ side of training for performances. However, I kept thinking, well one, it's good for your mental health and two I guess fitness is important to improve your dancing.

8-     What's been your like fondest memory or your biggest dancing achievement?

Dancing in New York; obviously to have the opportunity to dance in the Hard Rock Café, in Times Square was incredible. Additionally, having the opportunity to dance in Disneyland Paris twice, which was amazing. But New York City, you can't top that.

9-     Do you prefer doing dancing individually or as part of a group?

Definitely as a group, when you're part of a team you can all support each other. Also, you can make friends for life – I still regularly meet up with the girls I have danced with since I was 8 who I have amazing friendships and memories with. Additionally, when you see a group dancing in sync, you can't beat it.

10-  What advise could you give to someone wanting to start dancing then?

Do it, because you're going to make friendships for life. I guess with any sport it's the same with the endorphins and great for your mental health. If someone is interested in dancing, you need to do it. Also, the music puts you in such a happy place.